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DSS offers the industry's best security cameras and video surveillance systems including H.264 Standalone DVR, HDMI ECON Series, HDMI D-1 Series, HDMI 2CIF Series, HDMI Super DVR Series, HD-SDI HDCCTV DVR, HD-SDI HDCCTV 1080P DVR, Network Video Recorder – NVR, HD 1U NVR, HD POE Series, HD 2U Series, Super NVR, Hybird NVR/DVR, HD NVR-DVR Hybird Series, Analog CCTV Camera, 700 Effio-P WDR Camera, 700 Effio Camera, 600 TVL Camera, Infrared Bullet Camera, Infrared Dome Camera, Indoor Dome Camera, Vandal Proof Rugged Dome, Cover-Hidden Spy Camera, HD-SDI HDCCTV Camera, HD-SDI 1.3MP 720P, HD-SDI 2MP 1080P, HD-SDI Spped Dome, Network IP HD Camera, 1.3Megapixel 720P, 2 Megapixel 1080P, 3 Megapixel, Analog PTZ Speed Dome, IP PTZ Speed Dome, HD-SDI HDCCTV Speed Dome, CCTV Power Supply, Power Box and Adapter, PoE Switch, Professional Wire and Cable, Coaxial Siamese Cable, CAT5E CAT6 Network Cable, Premade Cable, HDMI Cable, VGA Extension Cable, CCTV Accessories, Cable Stripping Tools, CCTV Connectors, Converters, DVR NVR Lock Box, HD LCD Monitors, Housings and Mounts, LCD LED Mounts, Lens, Security Warning Signs and Stickers, Switchers and Multiplexers, Test Equipment, Video Baluns , DIY Camera Kit, and video management solutions, camera systems designed for low-light, indoor and outdoor video surveillance operations.