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The transportation systems are essential to commerce inside a major city.  These can also be potential threats as terrorism can use these systems to transport their planned attacks.  The dark underground areas also provide an area for great opportunities for theft and robbery.


The Challenge

Transportation systems are vastly large and complex, the integration of hundreds of stations into one local network is essential.  The ability to see in dark areas along with being able to see against incoming train headlights and keep tracks clear are essential.




IP cameras IR are a great fix to seeing into dark areas.  And with an integrated spread system our EZ-iVMS can support up to 256 devices, which means you can link over 200 train depots to one viewing station and respond accordingly.  This can include theft, robberies, and even down to motion on train tracks to alert incoming cars to slow down.  The fast clarity and response of an IP system will help keep tracks safe, and clearly show any suspicious activity so the authorities can be informed as needed.