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Gaming Sports and Leisure


Gaming, Sports and Leisure


Stadiums, sports complexes, and entertainment venues have a lot of specific and unique requirements. Public areas, gaming kiosks, outdoor areas, event areas and parking facilities all need to be under constant  video surveillance.



The biggest challenge is being able to have all of these areas under surveillance with one integrated system.   Recording and monitoring of these areas can capture incidents that may require information to be sent to local law enforcement. All of this can be done with DSS Products.






Our system can be set up for motion detection only, in areas where a 24/7 recording is not necessary.  Once motion is detected in the cameras field of vision the recording will start on the digital video recorder. Thus saving, recording space on your Hard Drive. If an event is captured that seems suspect these recordings can be downloaded via USB/DVD to be presented to the authorities. The footage captured is legally submersible.