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Financial Banking Industry




    Our financial institutions are at more risk today in these economic times than ever before. The need to protect customers, staff, and assets as well as property is as important as providing self-service applications. Unfortunately, because of our economic times it has become more dangerous for staff and customers in these financial institutions. 



    The most common issues associated with financial institutions include monitoring high risk areas, customer and staff safety. All of these challenges can be met with a video surveillance solution from DSS.



    Video surveillanceis monitoring of high risk areas such as, ATM kiosks, open air lobbies, and teller stations. Digital video equipment positioned at all of these high risk areas is a must. Our digital video recorders can be set up to send alarms via email in the event of a problem in any location that is being surveillance. As these events occur they will be recorded to the digital video recorder to be saved via USB/DVD so that they may be given to the police for further investigation.

    With a system designed for your specific needs DSS can provide you with the necessary equipment to protect your customers, staff and properties.