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Education Industry




    Education Industry

    Video surveillance is imperative to the safety and well -being of students from elementary school through high school and college. Crime unfortunately has become a serious reality in our educational community.  The events at the Virginia Tech School as well as Sandy Hook Elementary have brought the safety of our students into the forefront of national attention here in the United States as well as abroad.



    Common issues associated with educational campuses, which are often multi-site, include vandalism and disruptive behavior, intrusion from unwanted visitors. Not only are the typical security measures of video surveillance necessary for the protection of the student population, but also broad area real-time notification to student and faculty of an immediate danger is required.

    All of these issues and more can be addressed using integrated solutions from DSS Products.



    DSS Video surveillance products provide real-time surveillance. Any unauthorized access attempts or movements in predefined fields of view can be set into your digital video recorder to trigger an alarm to be sent to the main campus office.  At the same time the alarm is being sent these movements will be captured by the surveillance equipment for future viewing by school officials and or police.